Marketing Your Condominium? Four Issues You Have to Answer In advance of You Listing for Sale

  1. 8 years ago


    Jun 2014

    Selling a rental condominium or apartment townhouse is not like offering a house. The procedure is a lot more complicated. No two condominium complexes are alike. And the opportunities for litigation are better. So in advance of you list your rental for sale, or employ the service of a real estate agent to help you in the course of action, make certain you answer these four essential concerns.

    one. Does your authentic estate agent have practical experience promoting condos?

    I have noticed actual estate brokers listing freehold homes as condos since they did not understand the distinction among condominium possession and freehold frequent elements ownership. I have seen agents list condos for sale not figuring out that the apartment company is embroiled in expensive litigation with the builder. In advance of you listing your rental apartment or townhouse for sale with a real estate agent, make absolutely sure that agent has expertise providing condos in your metropolis.

    2. Are any special assessments or improves in condominium fees pending?

    Is your condo board of directors about to levy a particular assessment on your unit, or have they performed so previously? You must disclose this to all prospective prospective buyers. Is your condo board about to enhance your condo price? This you ought to disclose to all possible buyers as well. Visit city gate showflat for a lot more facts.

    3. Are there restrictions on occupancy that buyers need to know about?

    Are pets authorized in your developing or complicated? Can a prospective purchaser of your condominium or townhouse rent it to learners? Can that customer operate a company from the device? If you know of any restrictions on occupancy, you are nicely recommended to disclose these to all likely buyers, by means of your real estate agent.

    four. What are you offering, particularly?

    If you are providing a condominium townhouse, what are you selling, preci

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