Planned EsoTalk Add-ons

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    We're currently working on the following EsoTalk Plugins and Language packs. Let us know below of what you'd like to see created for EsoTalk.


    SpoilerTagPlus - An updated spoiler plugin
    SignaturePlus - Place your Signature after posts (BBCode/HTML can be enabled/disabled) can also limit per member groups*
    OpenID Connect
    User Selectable Themes
    Custom Profile Fields
    To Do LITE/To Do PRO - A portal to-do list which can be limited to ceritin levels/ranks such as staff only and can be checked off when completed. Integrated with poplar apps such as: Clear, Astrid, Wunderlist (Cloud), Evernote and
    Skin Designer LITE / Skin Designer PRO - Users can design there own skin via "Settings" if enabled by the Admin CP**
    Button Pack - A simple plugin to allow members to insert buttons into posts and replies. Using the Twitter Bootstrap framework. ***

    Language Packs:

    Italian - Pending on modway95's pack
    Chinese (Traditional)

    * An example would be: An admin can use HTML with unlimited characters, where a normal member can only use 500 characters, with a VIP can use HTML with 2,000 characters.

    ** Users design there own .css sheets without code - you control (the colours, icons, rounded corners ect) and the builder creates the overwrite css file itself.

    *** Idea from sohailspot.

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